Thursday, July 31, 2014

When The Clock Struck Twelve

Halter monochrome midi dress - c/o Fash Mob
Circle sling bag - Charles & Keith
Pointed lace flats - Mondo
Chandelier jewel earrings - H&M
Lipstick - MAC in Angel

The Raffles Hotel is one of Singapore's most iconic hotels. It housed the British royals when they visited the sunny island. If it's good for the prince and princess, it's an absolute luxury that regular people could enjoy the compound too. As much as I wish too, I have not stayed or even had a peek of how the guest rooms look like. The hotel was built in the late 1800s, with colonial inspired elements that were well preserved till today. There's an overwhelming charm about this place; its really old lift which takes forever to get you to the next floor, the intricate carvings on its architectural columns, its grand marble stairways that reflect in perfect symmetry and my favourite – the most beautiful chandeliers that always make me think of The Phantom Of The Opera. And gosh, the Ballroom appears unaltered since its time. The progress of a country is good but inevitable. The number of massive underground train stations, skyscrapers in their glorious facade and mega malls that has erected over the years can be a bit too much to take in. You lose sight of tradition and and slowly, all that's left are facades and steel and a future we have to get used to eventually. I could only wonder how is it like to go to bed like an English lady and wake up to the bustling heart of Singapore. As of now, a girl can dream.

What I'm wearing is a dress that fits me to T. It has my favourite halter neckline (how many times have I worn a halter already?), a sharp tapered waist and a pleated midi. Despite the busy wild splash of pattern, its form fitting shape stands out sharply from the so called 'mess'. I never expected to find pockets on this dress, adding on to the list of reasons why I love this dress so much. To play up the glamorous quality of the dress even more, I curled half a side of my hair and added a pair of chandelier earrings that are as sparkly as a disco ball! It was a surprise find at H&M's sales section for only $2. I wish I had glass slippers like Cinderella for the ballroom, but I guess a Singaporean girl like me would much prefer humble flats that'll take me wherever I wanted. 

Photos by Nigel.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Walk The Line

Cheryl Wee X KLARRA Bondi Organza set - c/o KLARRA
Platforms in style of Jeffrey Campbell's Clinic - Shanghai
Clear frame sunglasses - Taipei
Socks - Tutu Anna
Cage bralet - Qoo10
Lipstick - Lime Crime Makeup in Airborne Unicorn

If I've blinded you slightly with lines...well, that's exactly the point. Okay I might have gone overboard with in-your-face lines, but sometimes in life you have to be bluntly obvious to bring a point across. How else could I have caught your attention other than re-emphasising the obvious?

Besides the best lighting I could have asked for that afternoon, let's talk about this matching 2-piece set. I'm not sure how I went through the past twenty years of my life without owning a legit matching set other than my school uniform? Recently I have also thought a lot about going back to basics; be it fashion, beauty remedies and sometimes even diet. Some examples include removing makeup with olive oil which is amazing for the skin and body and kind on your wallet, wearing a single colour head to toe, substituting sugar water with citrus infused water...the list goes on but you get the idea. Let me simplify my life!!

I finally realised how immaculate a matching set looks on. Just like how it's timelessly classic to be dressed in a good suit for job interviews, it's similarly smart to be perfectly matchy-matchy over the weekend. This is simplest, or in other words the laziest way to get dressed with no effort at all but of course it's not just limited to its default combi. Made with clean white neoprene, I personally really like the organza inserts as they are very AWang-esque. It's also quite sporty and playful in my opinion as the organza inserts on the skirt goes pretty high up. If you're more conservative, you can layer a sports bra or caged bralet under the top for extra coverage. 

p.s. Just a word of caution to go a size up for the skirt if you are between sizes as it fits very snug! For a moment I thought my zipper was going to burst lol!

p.p.s. Yes, I'm aware that the platform of my left shoe is partially detached. It just broke off like that!! But the shoot had to go on :( Lesson learnt: try not to buy knock offs again. Sorry Mr. Campbell.

Photos by Faith Png of Misster Faith

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Jeans Are Unapologetic

 Halter peplum top - c/o Dressabelle
Distressed boyfriend jeans - ZARA
Pointed flats - Charles & Keith
Silver chunky chain necklace - Cheap Monday
Lucite clutch - c/o Dressabelle
Lipstick - Topshop in Infrared

"Wah, your jeans tear until liddat ah?" – the typical reaction among people who see me in this pair of ripped-to-death boyfriend jeans. Now looking at it, I admit it was quite silly of me to have paid $80 for a pair. Like how uncle questioned me, "why you pay so much for poor people jeans?", I find myself unable to reason my irrational purchase decision. Um, maybe because I'm not good at DIY? I don't blame them for not agreeing with me but I personally love how an unapologetic statement it makes, especially in man-repelling boyfriend style. Most of the time, I prefer wearing these jeans on stuffy school days when I just want to dress relaxed in a loose tee and sneakers. But we all know thats nowadays, a trendy piece is not limited to its intended look. It's no secret that I love unexpected combinations when coordinating an outfit. And of course, I had to bring my all time favourite – halter style top – into the picture. On my body, I know for sure the halter is most flattering and forgiving my very bony physique. Once you find something that works, stick to it! The conservative neckline juxtapose against the alluring and sweet baby doll waist on the back. Typical Uli almost never lets herself look too delicate...hence those tough chain necklace and flats fit for a gentleman! Just like operas, boyfriend jeans are not for everyone. So whether you enjoy, disapprove or are annoyed at my taste, I still hope this post encouraged you to try out the unexpected. Don't limit to just one look and soon you'll find your wardrobe recycle itself!

Photos by Alia and Jenn.
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